Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We are home safe and sound. We just fed, showered, and tucked the kids into bed. It is a few minutes before 8pm and we are all beat! All of us have are running on 2 hours sleep in the past 48. A few thousand hours of sleep will do us good.

Cathy, thanks for tracking us, and yes, we were on those flights!

Linda, thank you for following us. We will see you soon at the dental office.

Twyla, thank you all for the gifts. The kids loved it. We did know that we would be cutting it close for immigration. But, we were the first ones off the plane and MSP has a special line for immigration, no one else was ahead of us! We didn't go into a special room, we just did it all at the desk in about 15 minutes flat and moved on to our luggage recheck and next flight.being there

Thanks Kris and Clarke for being there, too. We missed you, see you tomorrow. The kids love their welcome home posters!

Thanks Garretts! Your show of support was overwhelming! I can't believe you dragged the whole family out for us. Thank you Anya for speaking to the kids in Ukrainian. This showed them that they will have friends from their country to speak with and that we were always truthful with them about that.

Thank you to the Siscos for taking care of the house and for decorating it and putting up the tree. The kids really loved it! Thanks, Bob for the turkey dinner! Marilene, I love the stockings hung on the mantel!

Lisa, thanks for running out at the last minute to buy gifts for the kids so it would be Christmas for them! Everything looks so nice!

Everyone, the house was so warm and welcoming tonight. The Christmas spirit is truly alive here tonight, thanks to everyone!

I'll post again soon. Enjoy this Christmas with your families as we are doing the same, with our new family. Christmas will be more special now!

Our prayers are with the Volf family in Kherson. Also, there is still much work to do to bring home Rimma and Zina. My prayers will include them too as always. Thank you Lord for your many bounties bestowed upon us and for getting us home.

Merry Christmas!

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