Saturday, February 27, 2010

Day 43 - Saying Goodbye

I picked up both Rimma and Lizzie this morning at 10:30 am, sharp. Today,a young girl has walked out of an orphanage never to return and she is on her way to a new life, a family who loves her, and to a forever home in the USA. Rimma Roge is an orphan NO MORE.

We had our last day out in the town of Kherson. I held it together for the whole day, right up until the last hour. I had an uneasy feeling all day and at 6 pm I lost front of my Cafe Monia. I'm sure the staff was wondering if I didn't like the food.

There I sat sobbing like a baby, both girls patting me on the back and telling me, "It's OK, dad. It's OK". Imagine! Them, consoling me! The cry virus spread like a wildfire and soon enough, I had Lizzie crying, unintentionally I assure you.

We just dropped Lizzie off at the orphanage. She sobbed against my shoulder, her tummy trembling uncontrolably. I held her for a few minutes until her favorite caretaker arrived. She took her and "mothered" her. I asked her to stay with Lizzie for the rest of the night, she assured me she would. I left and went outside to compose myself. No dice, I cried the 15 minute walk to the Bible House.

The train leaves in an hour and we are sitting now with our facilitator, waiting on the taxi. Next post will be from Heidi or from me in Kiev.

It was a great day and a hard day. I am taking one daughter home and leaving another behind. Everyone, please pray for Lizzie.

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