Thursday, July 2, 2009

UOO 2009 Camp - Day 9

After a hiatus for three days to catch up at work, I rejoined the camp kids for a four-day weekend of excitement. It was hugs all around as I rounded up and loaded all the kids into the big brown van.

First stop, Horseback Riding! Our good friends and yearly volunteers, the Welzigs, have us out every year to ride their tame and child friendly horses. This is a big hit for them as most of them have never touched a horse, much less ridden one! The Welzigs grilled burgers and brats for us before we had to leave for the next event. Thanks Welzig's!

Pool Day at Sunset pool was next. Sunset is an outdoor pool with three spring boards of varying sizes and two water slides. Sunscreen was applied and our spot was set up. Soon, all of our campers were jumping of the high-dive board! Wow, what brave kids! They had a lot of fun as the weather threatened. It held off for an hour and a half while we got in some quality swim time. However, all good things must come to an end as we were chased inside a cold rainstorm.

We loaded up the van for our next event, a Potluck Dinner at the Stoesz house. Thanks to all of our generous volunteers, we had lots of leftovers from the previous two days, so there were a variety of yummy dishes to chose from. We said "dobre noche" (goodnight) to the kids as my family retired to our home for rest and sleep. We had a big day and an early wake-up for Friday's events!

~Felix ~

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