Sunday, July 5, 2009

UOO 2009 Camp - Day 12

On Sunday, we went to Cornerstone Church in Boulder, CO. The kids went to Sunday school while the adults attended service. Afterwards, we all enjoyed a nice Sunday lunch at church. I grew up a Southern-Baptist and some of my fondest memories are having lunch in the church kitchen after service while enjoying the fellowship. I’m glad that I had the maturity to appreciate those moments, even as a child. The event brought back a flood of memories as I watched the happy faces of the children, the conversation of the adults and the interest in our UOO mission. I do believe we picked up a few volunteers for next year’s camp and fueled the fire for an interest in Ukrainian adoption. Mission accomplished!

The kids participated in a Field day at the church. There were many games; one included a water-balloon toss. It was like the egg toss, just water balloons instead. I couldn't stay, but I hear it was a great day and a happy event for all.

That night, everyone gathered back at the Stoesz house for a Bonfire and Gospel message presented by our Grace Place children’s minister, Kim Land. The glory part of this is that one young man, Dima, is close to making a decision for Christ. This has long been another goal of UOO. It is amazing to see the Spirit working in these children, despite their seemingly insurmountable futures.

~ Felix ~

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