Saturday, February 19, 2011

Arrived in Franfurt!

We made it to Franfurt, all is well! We are sitting here at gate C15 for the next few hours surfing the net. I spy a cafe nearby, so after awhile we may mosey on over there and have a snitzel or something!

I got my workout in today...we were dropped off at the old terminal in Kiev and our flight departed from the newly opened Terminal F! No kidding, it was about 4 football fields away and I lugged 100lbs of luggage through ice and snow. I got a little panicky when we were still in the check-in line with 15 minutes to board. However, we got through soon enough and headed through the security check point. Here, the line wasn't so bad. However, the customs and immigration line was backed up solid! I glanced at my watch noting that boarding should have started already! Yikes! Soon enough, we got to the front of the line. There we were with the only guy standing between us and leaving. He asked for our passports and gave them a good checking over. Next, he asked for my court decree and orphanage release letter...I guess to make sure I wasn't stealing her. He must have perused the documents for 10 minutes as I nervously glanced at my watch. After what seemed like forever, he asked Lizzie if she indeed wanted to leave the country. She responded, "Da!" I was very impressed with the new terminal, even though I had to trudge over there from the old terminal. I also liked that the immigration guys seemed to no longer have to take your passports and documents and disappear somewhere with them. It was all done there at the kiosk and we got the nod to proceed.

Up to the gate we went, which was supposed to be gate F5...noone was there! the gate next to it (F6) had a huge line, so eased over to the counter and noted that the gate for our flight had changed to this F6 gate. Whew, we weren't late at all! Lufthansa wasn't running on time. I thought German's were time-freaks! No offense to my German pals! Anyways, I was grateful for it! After a 10 minute wait we loaded onto busses and made our way out to the plane. Takeoff, the flight, and landing were a breeze.

Like I said, here we sit for the next few hours. Lizzie keeps commenting on the next long leg of our flight. "Wow, it's so long, Dad!" Yep, but at the end of it, is you my friends and Lizzie's new life! HERE WE COME!

~ Felix ~

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