Thursday, May 21, 2009

Round Two - Here we go again!

The time is right. We have discussed it for many months, both among ourselves and on this blog. It's been on our minds, constantly on our thoughts, and I can feel God's gentile nudging at my back. What is it that I am writing about?

We have officially started proceedings to begin our second adoption trip. We have asked to renew our home study and to begin the backgrounds checks needed for the process. This will start us down the path to bring Rimma (and possibly another unknown child) home! I say unknown but it could very well be a child we have met while there in Ukraine or on one of the UOO camps, we don't know. We are leaving that in His hands.

What about Zina, you may be asking? We still have no word if her registration has cleared the social worker's desks or if she will get registered by the end of this summer, but we must start the process now for Rimma. If Zina gets registered by end of August, we will put on the brakes and slow the process down and go get them both together a year after that.

Comments from our interviews with prospective Ukrainian facilitators indicate that the SDA is giving preference to families adopting older children. We think we could submit our dossier at the right time frame for Rimma's 1 year anniversary for international adoption.

This news gives promise that the SDA seems to have it's act together and is being "older-child" friendly. With that kind of pro-adoption mentality, it might not be a far-fetched idea to ask them to waive the 1 year hold on Zina. I don't know of this ever having been done before and it probably will not happen, but it's worth it to ask. Worst case is that they say no and we continue on plan. This, of course, assumes that Zina gets registered before we travel. We will have our home study ready for three children, just in case. We hope to have Rimma home by Christmas and signs are that this is very doable.

So, thank you to all our friends that provided input these past few months. We value your opinions and you can see now that we were serious and trying to make a decision. We have made that decision and we are moving forward.

In closing, please pray over us and our friends in Ukraine who are undergoing the adoption process at this very moment.


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