Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 25 - Vika's Birthday

Still no news on the Interpol clearance. I knew I shouldn't have fenced that rock in Bangladesh!

Today, February 9th is Vika's birthday. Vika lives at the same orphanage as R & Z and she was on the 2007 UOO camp trip. She turns 17 today! I have learned that if the kids are good students and good persons, the director lets them stay longer in the Internat. I wonder what lies ahead in her future.

The girls asked me this weekend if I could get her a present and a cake. She wants boots and the girls were going to choose a pair. I offered to get the cake and give her a reasonable amount of grivna in a card so that she may get to choose her own boots. I based the amount on what R & Z's boots cost and they were happy with it. They understood that Vika would enjoy the shopping experience at the Bizzare (open outdoor market) and she would get a pair that she wanted, not a pair R & Z wanted. So off I went to the orphanage with cake in hand.

Change of subject. I may lose my man card over this one...I like chick-flicks! Behind "period films", they rank second as my favorite. The ever busy Heidi hardly ever slows down to watch a movie with me and when she does, it is for a chick-flick. This gets me valuable couch snuggling time with her, a commodity in rare occurrence these days being that we have 3 and soon 4 new additions! So you see, I have a reason! Why do I tell you all of this?

Well, one of our favorite films is Pride & Prejudice (the Keira Knightly one). Being an English Lit minor in college gave me an appreciation for the fine art of eloquent and precisely spoken English. I love the way they talk in that movie, but I digress. Elizabeth, or Lizzie as they call her, is the main character. Elizabeth is also the name that Zina has chosen as her first name once we adopt her (her idea, she doesn't like her name).

So all week, I have been calling her Lizzie. It is close in comparison to Zina, what with the Z part and all. She responded the first time I used it and it makes her smile every time, a scene worth repeating every chance I get. I just love that nickname, LIZZIE!

Also, I hope the facts that my major was Aeronautical Science, I love to fly fish, I love to fly airplanes, I love my family and I love Jesus redeems my man-card and overshadows my taste in movies. :)

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