Thursday, June 3, 2010

It's all in His hands!

Kole, Dad, Rimma, Jordan, Julia, Nadia, Mom

I, Felix, struggle from time to time with the fact that I have to let go and trust in God and follow His plan. When I do, He provides us with everything we need, not everything we want, but everything we need.

Therefore, awhile back, I quit "worrying" about Rimma's and Z's eventual adoption and just knew He would make it happen, if it was His plan. Hence the name of this blog. The naysayers, and there were a lot of them, said both registrations and adoptions would never happen. "Just go and find some other children!" Well, we did, and we were gifted with N, J, & K. But, we never quit praying for R & Z! Rimma and Z got registered via pressure from us and God's intervention, Rimma is home now, Z will be here for the summer for 10 weeks.

The recent return of an adopted boy to Russia has everyone up in arms and my family and friends constantly asking me if Ukraine will shut down adoptions too. Some folks confuse Ukraine as being part of Russia and remind me that Russia has stopped all adoptions. Others "in-the-know" ask if Ukraine will follow suit, especially with their "Russia-leaning" new president.

I just smile and say, "No, Russia and Ukraine are two different countries and God is in control...he hears my prayers...she WILL come home to her forever family in early 2011."
"How do you know for sure?" they ask. "How do you know Ukraine won't shut down adoptions this year?" Because He ANSWERED our prayers again this week! Our friend Becky (in Ukraine) reports...

Ukrainian Supreme Parliament (Rada) DID NOT SUPPORT introduction of moratorium on all international adoptions. ONLY 191 MPs supported the moratorium out of 404 MPs in the Rada session (450 MPs total in Ukraine) . CONGRATULATIONS - ADOPTIONS CONTINUE!

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