Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 2, End of Day Report

Its midnight here and I need to turn in. But before I do, I wanted to answer a few questions that were asked.

#1 - Our friend,Oksana, called us yesterday to tell us that Lizzie was down-in-the-dumps and upset that she hadn't heard from us, that she thought her adoption was to be in January, and that she was extremely sad. (Oksana didn't spill the beans) Heidi and I mulled it over and decided to break the news. I called once, no answer. I called twice, still no answer. A few minutes later she called us back (she didn't recognize the new phone number). I answered saying, "Hi there Lizzie Rogé!" She said, "Dad! Is that you, is this your phone! Where are you?" I said, "Hmmnnn, in Kiev!" The next 30 seconds were filled with squeals and "YES, YES, YES", and more squeals! My hearing may never be the same! So to answer your question, yes, she now knows. What she doesn't know is when we will arrive at her orphanage and see her for the first time since last year!

#2 - The picture book has been used twice now at the appointments and yes, it is a bit more emotional for them. We took a photo book the first time and I don't think it had the same appeal. However, we didn't have adopted kids then either. We feel a picture book or photo book is worth a thousand questions and we have never been wrong. Heidi uploads photos to Snapfish and prints two specific books...one of the entire family to show the SDA, the judge, and all officials and the other targeted specifically for the orphanage staff showing "their" kids. Money well spent in our opinion. We leave the orphanage picture book with the director and staff. The "entire family" book we keep and bring home to add to our library. I think Heidi makes each book for around $2o.

#3 - The Boyarka orphanage visit went very well. We handed out the letters and gifts. A few kids said hello and wished N, J & K well-wishes on the video we took. Galina is down to 33 kids now and she has a set of teen girls and a brother-sister teen pair too, all wanting families! Boyarka is approximately 30 km from Kiev. Any takers?

#4 - Pictures will be forthcoming, probably once we get to Kherson after Thursday. I'll try to post some on FB tonight, but it is late...now 12:18 and I need to get to bed.

~ Felix ~

Day 2, SDA appointment

We have her! The appointment that took three long years to achieve was over in 10 minutes...and three of that was the official looking through our picture book.

Side note: If you bring a picture book or photo album for the official to look through, it eases tension for you and any doubt they have during the appointment. We were only asked one question: "Why do you want to adopt older children?" Heidi put together a Snapfish picture book this time and, for the second time, it worked wonders. She just handed over the book, no more questions. Just let 'em look through the book and you'll get oooohs and ahhhhs!

We were told her history and medical background. I remember thinking, "Wow, we know more info than they do!" Like I said, it was over in 10 minutes. The official told us that we will have the referral between 4 & 5 pm tomorrow. Our facilitator is already buying the train tickets for us to go to Kherson tomorrow night on the over-night train.

Our friend, Oksana is here and we are off to Boyarka to visit our first three children's orphanage to bring gifts and letters. We will meet up with our missionary friends, Becky and Nadia to have our regular dish of Shoshleek, yummy!

Please note our Ukrainian Phone number over in the right-side column, on top. If you need us, give us a call.

~ Felix ~

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