Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 45 - America Island

America Island, that's what I think of everytime we go to the US Embassy. It's like this little oasis of home. Can't wait to fly to the mainland!

We showed up right at 8 am. For reasons not understood by me, we were escorted to the front of a very long line. I felt guilty, but grateful. No one shouted at us, so I guess its standard practice.

There were no adoptive families that I could see when we made it to the adoption department. There were several "couples" waiting there, with two more couples at the window counters. When one of the counters became available another couple got up and went to the window. I figured we would need to wait our turn here unlike the entrance facility. The gentleman behind the glass spoke up, "Is anyone here for adoption?" I raised my hand. He told the couple to take a seat and motioned for me to approach! I suppose adoption takes priority and these folks are spill over from another department, but I'm not sure. Again, I was grateful.

I had all the documentation ready, all lined up on the counter. One by one, he asked for this and that form. The whole thing took 15 minutes and we were done, outta there! Oleg and Nadia were shocked when I walked out 15 minutes after I entered!

O & N took us to the medical examiner's office. Rimma started her examination and had to get the x-ray for the TB results she has recorded. No problem there. After Rimma's x-ray and subsequent physical, I was called in to the office. It was the same lady doctor we had for our other three kids in 2008. I asked her if she remembered me, but in typical Ukrainian tone she said, "I see hundreds of kids each year, how do you expect me to remember you?" Nice, thanks! How 'bout, "No, sorry" next time.

Try as I may, I could not convince her to not require Rimma to take a shot. I explained that all my kids will have to have their shots all over again due to Kaiser Permanente's policies. She said she would not sign the release until we did so and that Rimma only needed the first Hep B shot. Is it me or is it another way to extort more money out of adoptive parents. It's how I feel when I go get my oil changed but the attendant tries to sell you a tranny oil change, a flush and fill on the radiator, new wiper blades, etc. They make you feel guilty for not doing it, like you don't take care of your car. Same thing here..."well, if you don't immunize your daughter, you must not care about her" is what I felt she was thinking!

So Rimma took a shot for the greater good and the possibility that she could contract the Hep B virus on the plane. Unfortunately, she wore the white turtleneck under her pink sweater and stained it with blood. Score Clinic 2, Felix 0!

140 grivna for the shot and $110 USD for the physical exam and we were outta there! I'm pretty sure they forgot to charge me for the x-ray because everyone had to pay $110 USD for the exam. Score Clinic 3, Felix 1!

So, the embassy said to return tomorrow at 2pm for the exit interview and visa. He said it was a formality and that we would have our visa that day. We will be on that 5:40 am flight to Frankfurt!

In other news, word has gotten to me that Zina is doing better. She was so distraught and inconsolable the past three days that her caretakers took her to the main office where the orphanage lawyer, Roman, spoke with her. He told her that he completed her documents and that she would be availble for us in November to December timeframe. This perked her up and I hope that this timeframe holds true. I know Roman and he has an excellent reputation and is honest and forthright. However, he can't control the situation once it leaves his desk. But let's pray he is right. In a phone call today, Lizzie (Z) said that this "would be a happy birthday present for her."

Oleg, without me asking, told me today to remind him in one month to go to the SDA to check on Z's availabilty. "No problem", I told him. A lot of people are stepping forward in Kherson and Kiev in attempts to bring a lonely girl home to her family to visit this summer in Colorado, if only for a short while. Thank you and God Bless you all, you know who you are.


Not two minutes after I publshed this post, Victoria (one of three caretakers for R & Z's groupa) called Rimma. She said the director pulled Zina into his office due to her condition and told her that he would let her come to Colorado for two months with Victoria as a chaperone. Rimma is jumping up and down and I can hear Z and Victoria on the other side. Everyone is talking a hundred miles an hour! I guess we will have to get travel visas! Praise God!

~ Felix ~

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