Tuesday, July 6, 2010

UOO 2010 Camp Website

I am finding it extremely difficult to raise 7 kids, work a full-time job, work a part-time gig with the USAF, help run the UOO camp, workout 6 times a week, be a good husband to my Honey, write on the blog about my family, AND blog about the camp (would you like a little cheese with that whine, Felix).

Then, I found out that UOO is running a blog about the camp over on our website. (I found this out when I was asked to contribute to this week's story, hee-hee). So I thought, "why duplicate efforts, I'll just direct everyone over there for the lastest news and goings on!

Whew, that bought me some extra time! However, I bet you want a story about our AMAZING time we are spending with Z!

~ Felix ~

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