Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Homecoming Plans

Guest blogger time! It's Heidi here. I took the liberty of checking Felix's email to get some updates while he and Lizzie slept on the train. They will be running around quite a bit in Kiev today, so I'm posting for him.

The US Embassy scheduled an appointment for Felix and Lizzie at 10:30 AM Thursday, which in Ukraine time is only a few short hours from now, as I type this. So things are looking good for Lizzie's visa.

Also, Eldo successfully booked Felix and Lizzie to fly home on Saturday. They are scheduled to arrive at DIA at 3:45PM on Luftansa's flight #446 from Frankfurt. Hope to see you all there!

Please keep Clay and Selene in your prayers. They hit a major road block in their adoption of a 15 year old girl, after they spent a week bonding with and loving this child. Now they are back in Kiev trying to find a resolution. The dichotomy between the joy I'm feeling and and the pain they are enduring is hard to comprehend.


Day 24, Exiting Kherson!

We are DONE! All adoption requirements for Ukraine are complete! Lizzie got her passport about an hour ago and we immediately bought train tickets. We got the first class cabin...yeah! Barring something drastic, we will do the Embassy work in Kiev tomorrow followed by the Visa appointment on Friday. I have already called the Embassy and left a message with them. I am awaiting their return call. After I get done with this post, I will call Golden Rule and change our flights to Saturday morning. That will put us arriving in Denver around 3:45 pm Saturday. This will be the last post until tomorrow evening, after we have visited the Embassy and have run some errands. Whoo-hoo, Praise God! Slava Bogu!

~ Felix ~

Day 24, мая доченька (My daughter)

The earliest known photo of Lizzie. She says she is 6, having turned 7 shortly after this photo was taken. This and three copies are her original orphanage entry photo, taken on the worst day of her young life.
~ Felix ~

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