Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 41 - See, I'm not making this stuff up!

While we await word on the arrival of the passport, I thought I would humor you with a few pictures and prove to you that I'm not going crazy. However, having a lot of time on your hands does give one time to pause and ponder the mundane and often overlooked little things in life. But, not to worry, it has been in the 50's this week with lots of sunshine and all the snow and ice is gone except that which is in the shadows. Therefore I have been able to venture out and walk the city with ease. My friends, such as the dangling paint chip that I keep talking about on Facebook, have missed me though. We made a connection, you know!

The Bee Gees singing "Staying Alive" at Oskar

My friend, the dangling and spinning paint chip (over my bed)

The Michelle DeYoung duct tape job is still holding up well!

Lizzie's contraband hamster sleeping in my house slipper. A friend bought it for her after I said "No". Of course, once it is ever discovered, I'm sure she will catch heat over it from the staff.

Me at the Dniper River

How the adoption process makes me feel, sometimes!

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