Sunday, June 28, 2009

UOO 2009 Camp - Day 5

Bad news! The 4 day camping trip that the kids were supposed to go on has been cancelled due to horrible conditions at the campsite. Why not just move it, you say? Well, each year we partner with Wilderness Adventures to give us the camp experience. We help them with their annual dinner event and they in turn help us with the camping. So, all of their equipment, tents, trailers, cooking grills are stuck in the mud up in the Lake Granby area. Therefore, we can't move it to another location or reschedule it. That's OK, though. The UOO team has a backup plan and we sprung into action.

Dima serves it up!

Yesterday after church service in Loveland, we went to the local park and had lunch. The kids got to play in the river and with the water toys at the park. It was a great success! We then went to the Stoesz house for games and dinner. The kids rode their first American bicycles, got into a water fight with squirt guns and perused the Stoesz farm. Just a quick note on the squirt guns, why didn't they have those cool, technically advanced toys when I was a kid! Darn it!

"Big" Dima showing his bike skills

Dinner was a a choice of lasagna or spaghetti, or both! Bread, salad and veggies were our sides. Since we still had birthday cake in abundance from Saturday, that was desert.

Marina is usually all smiles

Tomorrow the kids will go to Rocky Mountain National Park. I have to return to work for a couple of days to pay the bills. Clarke and Kari will take on the task for the first part of the week. I'll be sure to ask them how things went and report back to you.

Nastya is quite good on skates

~ Felix ~

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