Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cousin Time!

This week has been like a vacation for the kids…what am I talking about? It IS a vacation for them. Heidi took off from work and is home with them. Me, I’m working until Wednesday and then taking the rest of the week off. Added to our family’s fun and excitement is visiting relatives in from the Chicagoland area. That’s right, the Egger family is visiting for a week over the holidays. We are having a blast with them and the kids are enjoying non-stop good times together. Remember when you were a kid and cousins came to visit! Man, we talked, played and laughed all day and then fell into bed exhausted every night. That’s what’s been happening here, too! Living vicariously through your kids’ enjoyment is part of being a parent and is no exception for us. I’m having as good a time watching them as they are having doing the fun stuff! Oh, and I get into the action every now and then as well.

Saturday evening, the cousins arrived and we watched a movie that night on the HDTV.

Sunday was church followed by games of Who-Nu and Apples to Apples. We even got a football game going in the back yard. Rimma and little Jess each caught a pass from me for touchdowns. Kole and the boys still beat us though. That Kole is a fine receiver, hmmmnnnn!! That night we watched another movie. (I just love 14 people curled up on the floor and couch in front of the fireplace, watching a movie and having a good time…should be a Rockwell painting!)

Monday, I went to work and everyone else played more games, video games, and went to the Rec center to the indoor pool. When I arrived I found everyone in the sauna! Afterwards, a few kids and parents went to play basketball and volleyball. At 4pm, we headed out to Fat Cats bowling center, Heidi had bought two Groupon’s for half-price bowling a month earlier in preparation for this. For $70, we had 14 people bowling on two lanes for two hours with three large pizzas and a few pitchers of soda! Wow, you go frugal Heidi! Again, I witnessed much laughter and dancing as everyone cheered on the spares and strikes. We were the loudest group in the place…well, we might have been the only group in the place for the first hour. A couple more groups showed up later.

Today, Tuesday, is always $5 movie day at our local cinema. For five bucks per person you can watch any movie at any showing on Tuesdays. We never go to the movies anymore with our large family. Add five more and the total is 14 folks. So this is a great bargain if you have a group that just HAS to see the new Harry Potter movie. I think mom is going to take the younger three to see Mega Mind instead, just a few minutes apart. Oh, I forgot to mention that little Jess and Kole are enrolled in swim lessons at the Rec center this morning. Not sure what everyone else is doing while I’m at work.

Wednesday, some of the Egger family is going skiing. The adults are having a night-out date!

Thursday is Thanksgiving! Maybe more games, backyard football and movies. I think somebody is playing in the NFL.

Friday is of course, Black Friday. I think Gary and I will find something else to do, not sure yet.

Saturday, the Eggers head back home and the kids get ready for the new week.

~ Felix ~

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