Thursday, January 14, 2010

¡Gracias las familias espaƱolas!

Before we leave tomorrow, I want to take a moment to thank the families in Spain that hosted our kids before we came to know them and adopt them. It is loving people and loving homes like yours that makes a positive impact in these children's lives. Your love and concern will always be welcomed and we wish for you to continue your contact with well into the future.

To Julia's (Yulia) Spain family: We received your beautiful photo book in the mail this week. Thank you so much for that. Julia has been pleasantly happy for the past few days showing everyone she knows the pictures of her past. Sadly, these are the only pictures we have of her when she was younger. We have no other pictures of Nadia and Kolya.

The hundreds of photos paint a wonderful picture of a girl in tremendous need of your love and care during those formative years. Julia speaks of you with much love and happiness and calls you her Spanish Mom, Dad and Sisters. Thank you for understanding our need to be alone and to bond as a family this past year. Julia has made great progress with the help of her sensory and attachment therapy classes. We feel confident that continued and increased contact from you will be a positive influence and we encourage you to do so from time to time. Julia says "Hello" to you.

If the other Spanish families have photos of the children that you would be willing to share, we thank you. Please pass on our address to them. Nadia and Kolya are not much for talking on the phone just yet, perhaps that will change with time. Cards and letters are welcomed by you all.

Blessings to you and your family,

~ Felix ~

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