Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day, Red Rocks & Zoo

Hello there, friends & family. That's right! I made it back from my summer duty with the USAF and boy oh boy am I glad to be home. I like my other part-time gig, but being away from my family is no picnic for me or Heidi, aka "Single-mom" as she told me. Not a moniker that she cared for at all.

The kidos were equally happy to have dear ole dad home too. Nadia hugged and held onto me like I had been gone a year. Julia wouldn't leave my lap and Kolya had to tell me all about his birthday that I missed. I hope I never miss another one.

On Saturday we ventured out to Red Rocks amphitheater where these pictures were taken. The kids and mom had fun running up and down the stairs while I rested at the top. I was still tired from three weeks on the road.

After Red Rocks, we took the kids to the Denver zoo. Sorry, no pictures of that unless you want to see the three hundred pictures of the baboon's red butt or the rhinoceros' slobbery face!

We celebrated Father's day on Sunday as is the custom. The kids treated me like royalty and served me a ribeye steak with all the trimmings. Mom did all the grilling. I felt like I needed to be doing something, but everyone insisted that I take it easy. All the kids gave me gifts and letters. Nadia's letter was especially touching and made me tear up. WOW! Julia gave me a picture and Kolya gave me a book entitled, Why a Son Needs a Dad. NICE!!

The UOO 2009 camp kicks off tonight with the arrival of the 8 kids at the airport. We are getting dressed and starting to move towards the van. If you want to be involved and you live in the local area, there are still things to volunteer for and events that need your help. Visit our website at
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