Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 22, GOTCHA DAY is here!

At 3:45, Ukraine time, Lizzie is released into my custody and walks out of the orphan no more. An orphans bed lies empty tonight, she is no longer a ward of the State.

Even "Big Nick" the director was all smiles! He said some really sweet things about Lizzie, even before she was in the room. He said that this was a long and difficult process for her and her new family and he was happy for her. He said she suffered for eight years without a family and it was her time!
I glanced at my watch then at the camera. It is 3:45pm as I sign the release form and take custody of Lizzie.
Signing the four copies that are prepared for us. Signing with me is the Amazing Tanya! The orphanage lawyer stands behind us.

Nickolai makes it official and puts his state stamp to all the documents! Were are done! Lizzie is ours!

Moments later, Lizzie stands in front of the same doors she entered over 8 years ago! This time it's a different story, though. She is headed to a bright future and to her family that loves her dearly. How fitting and appropriate that it occurs on Valentines Day, 2011!

~ Felix ~

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