Thursday, April 16, 2009

Praying for a miracle!

Photos courtesy of the Jones family & Karen Springs

Last weekend, we talked to Zina again. Rimma is once again in the sanatorium, this time for a shorter stay and as a follow up to her TB test issue from last summer. Since we could not find a translator and we had promised Zina a call that day, Nadia served as translator after a little coaxing. Initially she was nervous and afraid, but before too long, Nadia and Zina were talking and giggling like the sisters that they will be one day. It was a sweet phone call and a big relief to hear these two accepting of one another. Rimma, Julia, and Kolya will follow if the two "big sisters" get along.

We continue to pray for a miracle in Z's registration. We have learned that her paperwork is in the hands of social workers in the area and that once their work is completed, a court date will be established for her and a few other kids in the same situation at the orphanage. We have been told by our contact that these social workers "are very efficient and law-abiding...they will not take longer time than it is provided by the law". This is very good news! Consistently pushing and bringing Z's plight to the forefront has brought her a few steps closer to her and our dream of adoption. As of late, Heidi and I have been a little panicky and worried about the apparent stalemate we all were in, but I have to remind myself constantly that this is God’s timing and plan, not Felix’s! His will be done according to his purpose.

So, the next step will be to hear about Z’s court date and her registration at the local level as being an orphan deprived of parental care. Hopefully this will occur sometime this summer. From there it will take about 2 months for her to get into the SDA system where she will be adoptable exclusively by her countrymen for a period of one year. (Rimma is in this stage now). The girls, being of age, will have to give consent for adoption. Both have consistently stated their desire to be in our family. If the girls change their minds and want to go with a Ukrainian family, we would be very happy for them, of course. After this year is up, Zina will be available for international adoption. At present ‘guess-ti-mation” this would be Summer-Fall 2010. Please pray for Z’s process!

Rimma, on the other hand, will be eligible for international adoption sometime around the December-January time frame. She was successfully registered this past Fall 2008. Here-in lays another source of angst. We will have the funds to go again for another adoption, but not two. Do we start our dossier and go after Rimma and borrow/save for a third trip to get Zina? Or do we leave Rimma in place and bring them both home at the same time?

Prudent minds would suggest the latter and get more “bang for the buck” and only one more trip. Vacation time is strained and there are children at home to care for. However, there are (but there has always been) indications that Ukraine may change the laws or cease international adoption in the near future. Experts say that this is illegal and cannot be done overnight, but those who know Ukrainian parliamentary whims will attest to the volatile nature that is Ukrainian adoption. Therefore, should we “for-sure” rescue one while hoping for the best circumstances for the other? A few Ukrainian contacts feel that we should get Rimma out; Zina included who told us that “…we should get Rimma home before it is too late, even if her (Zina’s) paperwork isn’t ready”.

I don't know if I could do this...leave without Zina. I would feel horrible and it would kill me to see her in tears as we drive away from the orphanage without her. More importantly, what about Z's feelings as she is yet again, left behind? For these tumultuous questions, I pray for and seek guidance from you our friends and from our Lord and Savior. Again, please pray for Rimma and Zina.


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