Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My "American" Family by Laura T.

I came to America as an exchange student to learn about the American culture. I wanted to look behind the prejudices Germans have. I wanted to tell everybody that there are more than French Fries and Burgers and whole days in front of the computer and TV.

One day before my flight I got my host family. Family Roge. But I didn`t expect six brothers and sisters, four adopted from Ukraine. Now I have American and Russian culture. I see how American people live, how Ukrainian kids live and how Americans and Ukrainian live together. It is more than I could ever think and dream about.

Like that, my exchange year and my whole experience is becoming something really special and I enjoy it! I enjoy the family movie nights, every evening sitting together to have dinner- as a family, go up in the mountains, have picnics. And with every day, they becoming more my family, it’s becoming a home, strangers become loved ones!

I live every day, enjoy it, be happy and thankful- because I have the chance to live with a great family like this! It couldn’t be better!

Laura (age 15)
Exchange student from Munich, Germany

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