Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Late-Breaking Adoption News

We interrupt our regularly scheduled UOO camp activities to bring you this late-breaking message. As of today, we passed our clearances for adoption. We immediately hired our facilitator in Ukraine and the homestudy is completed and being written. Next up is the USCIS stuff. We are on our way to bring Rimma home by year's end. We hope for something to break loose soon for Zina as well and I won't hesitate to petition for her, even though her one year clock will be ticking. The power of prayer has the strength to overcome all obstacles!

~ Felix ~

UOO 2009 Camp - Day 6, 7, 8

Due to the fact that I expected the camp kids to be up in the mountains from Sunday to Wednesday, I had decided to put in some work at the office rather than burn through all my leave and vacation. So, that's where I've been for the past three days. Remember on our last post I told you that the camping trip was cancelled due to complications with the weather, the camp site and stuck equipment. The UOO team immediately implemented Plan B. I don't have a detailed account of the goings on because I wasn't there, but here's the low-down of the past three days events as told to me.

On Monday, the kids went to Estes, CO and to the Rocky Mountain National Park. They got to drive the trail ridge road, hike in the mountains and scramble up a few huge boulders. The highlight of the trip was the gondola ride up to the top of Prospect Mountain. Once there the got to take in the wonderful views and feed the chipmunks.

On Tuesday, the kids went to a metal museum in Ft. Collins, CO. I hear it was a lot of fun and they saw sculptures that were unbelievable. They then ventured over to Fort Fun, also in Ft. Collins. I hear that the place was a blast.

Wednesday was a down day for rest and swimming at the a volunteer's home. The kids wanted to help and give back to their hosts. Here they are washing the 12 passenger van and having a fun time getting wet.

I'll be back in the fun starting tomorrow. We have Rec center swimming, horseback riding, dental visits, a Walmart shopping trip, a matinee movie, the Rogé Open House, the Greeley parade, a fairgrounds tour, fireworks, a BBQ or two, and Field Day all coming up through this weekend. Visit the UOO website for planned activities and do come out and participate. It's never too late!

~ Felix ~

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