Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flight Info - Preliminary

The plan is for Felix and Rimma to fly home on Wednesday. They will be on the Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt which arrives at DIA at 3:50 p.m. Usually it takes an hour to get through passport control and customs. Stay tuned in case something changes. It's Ukraine!

It's been two years and three months since we first met Rimma on our first UOO camp. It's been a long road! It's hard to believe that (1) she is really our daughter even though I haven't seen her for a month and (2) she will be joining us forever in just a few short days.

Please keep Zina (how can I call her Lizzie!?! we'll have to work on that) in your prayers. I talked to her today and she is very upset. Nadia translated a couple things for us and even Nadia started crying. It's hard to console Zina and say, "Honey it will be OK." Because no, I don't think she is OK in the internot. There is little supervision, but there are pregnancy tests. Two girls have recently jumped out of windows of their internot trying to commit suicide. After getting off the phone, Nadia told Kolya, "No, Zina is not OK there. Who wants to be in an internot?"

I held it together until our church service today when I turned into a sobbing baby. (Thanks for the support Heather!) Following along with the message, I was trying to figure out what God is trying to teach us from the pain we are going through. What is He telling us? Is it that we should adopt "blind" instead of "pre-selecting"? No - we really believe God's plan for Zina is to be part of our family. We also believe that God has a plan for Zina to help others in Kherson this year. But the pain? What is the purpose? We can handle it as adults and we will be preoccupied this year...but she will not.

I'm digging deep for forgiveness for our "friend" Big N but it's just not there. Shame on him. What he is doing is evil.

~ Heidi ~

Day 44 - Kiev

Me & Rimma at the SDA, where it all started 43 days ago

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