Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day 29 - Being Dad

That's what I do everyday besides wait...Be a Dad. Why is it that 5 or 6 days work, really when you think about it, takes 6 or 7 weeks. Lets see, there's one day for the SDA appointment, one day to get the regional inspector to go with you to the orphanage for the refferal (not needed 'cause we know Rimma), one day for court, a half-day to change the birth certificate, a half-day to get a passport. a half day to do medicals and a half-day to get the immigration visa. I mean REALLY! Can you tell I'm getting to the end of my rope?

But here is the reason I hang on. Here is the singular, solitary reason I didn't fly home to wait on the Interpol check and why I won't go home during the 10 day wait. My time with Rimma has been great, but she and I will have lots of time together over the next year before Z comes home. Lizzie (Z) had an impossible situation, a registration that we were told would never happen. She runs to me every single day, holds my hand and sits by my side. If an arm is tugging at my side, it is her's. She will have to wait another year due to a silly rule.

She reminds me every single day that she wants to go home. I remind her everyday that we will never forsake her. Yep, I'll gladly return and sit for weeks, doing it all over again.

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