Saturday, February 20, 2010

Day 36 - God Moments!

Last Monday, I was invited to "Friends Club" by Oksana and Andrey. FC is a program put on by AGAPE. They meet in the basement of the Baptist church here in Kherson every Monday night. it is primarily for aged-out orphans to hear the word of God and the Gosphel.

O & A kept after me all day to go and I really didn't want to sit through another 2 hours of something I didn't understand with a bunch of teenagers who would stare at the oldest person in the room. But, I could feel God pulling me there for a reason, so I gave in and went. Did I mention that I really didn't want to go! I was wet and soggy, it had rained for 3 days. Water was and still is everywhere, my feet were wet, my cap was wet, my coat, drenched!

Upon entering the room, I was beseiged by two young men that I had seen before. Igor & Sergey from the 2007 UOO trip! I had not seen them since April 2008 and we were told that they had left the orphanage. Here they were at FC!

We spent the entire 2 hours together and they couldn't take their eyes off me. We talked of the trip and of what they were doing now, both are going to technical school. Igor for construction, Sergey to be an electrician. They, of course asked about Kris & Clarke and they remembered all the names of the Stoesz kids. They kept asking about Heidi and the Carmens, too.

I was asked to speak about what love was to me. So I talked about Christ's love for us and how He went to the cross for all of our sins. I talked of how God's love transends all borders and how He urged me to come tonight to show witness of how God brings his children example being Igor, Sergey and me. The boys were just beaming with smiles.

At the end, the boys spoke fondly of the UOO trip and how it changed their lives. I told them that there were two main objectives to our UOO camp trips in addition to enjoying yourselves. One, to show them the possibility and opportunity that they can achieve when they want improve their lives Two, to expose them to Christ's love through His chidren around the, to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Igor and Sergey, especially Igor said that the camp worked then! He was going nowhere and didn't want to do anything, but now he is in school and doing well to learn his trade. Secondly, because of that trip, he became a Christian. Sergey stated the same. Praise God!

Both boys want to meet up with me tommorow and I promised them a Skype call to the Stoesz's. Igor said he lost Clarke's address, but I gave it to him with a UOO card. I have their address and phone number (he has a cell phone). They are so big now and they looked good. Both were wearing nice, clean clothes. I promised them letters and a care package from the Stoesz's, so sorry...get busy K & C! They have written letters to the Stoesz and asked me to deliver them when I get home. Kris & Clarke, you made a huge impact on them, they spoke about you a lot. They asked if you were going to come one day and I told them that you may be considering a trip.

The girls and I have made two trips unsuccessfully to go ice skating over the last two weekends. Today we made it. When I walked in with them, there were Igor and Sergey, again! Imagine this happening twice in one week in a city the size of Longmont! I learned further that they live in one of the AGAPE houses that boards aged-out orphans. The house is brand-new and they have a really nice place to live. The AGAPE house Mom & Dad had brought them to the ice rink and to the FC meeting last Monday too, they usually go every Monday. The couple is hired by AGAPE and all the homes are Chrisitian based. I'm glad that Igor and Sergey have such a loving home to go to after their vocational schools. I hear that there a dozen or more boys in this of several with boys in different homes, girls in others. All with AGAPE house parents.

Here's a photo of four 2007 UOO camp kids that haven't seen each other since that trip Sergey, Igor, Rimma & Lizzie!

Day 36 - Up!

I leave my camera with R & Z most every night after visiting the girls at the orphanage. They take better pictures than me and they, along with the other girls in their room, usually let their guard down after I am gone. It makes for some interesting pictures. I have pictures of girls in makeup, girls wrestling, girls playing dress-up and girls...well, just being girls! I keep all those hundreds, and I mean hundreds, of photos to ourselves on my laptop. But, I just had to share these with you. They are hilarious. I'm sure the director and caretakers know nothing of this. My question is, "Will I have to pay for the damages if they finally break one of these particle-board beds??!!

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