Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Then...and Now

Awhile back, someone commented that it was amazing to see the difference in our kids. That got me to thinking, what if I put together some pictures to see the difference. After all, with the exception of Z, we live with them and it's hard to see the changes sometimes. Heidi and I know that Nadia & Julia have gone through growth spurts, we keep the thrift shops in business with all the clothes we have bought. So, without further's our kids, then and now, in order of oldest to youngest.

Lizzie, 12 in March 2008
Lizzie, 14 in March 2010

Nadia, 12 in November 2008

Nadia, 14 in May 2010

Rimma, 11 in March 2008
Rimma, 13 in May 2010

Julia, 11 in November 2008

Julia, 12 in May 2010
An angry and confused Kolya, 9 in November 2008

Kole, 10 in May 2010

All four in early May 2010

~ Felix ~

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