Monday, October 4, 2010

Golden Ticket!

Had to post one more time before the guest bloggers arrive. We received our 171h today! The Golden ticket has arrived! Yeah! The Dossier only needs to be apostilled now and then it's off to Ukraine!

~ Felix ~

Guest Bloggers

I’m busy at work and Heidi and I are working on finishing up the Dossier that will eventually bring Lizzie home. Therefore, stay tuned for some guest bloggers over the next few weeks...our kids! If anything exciting happens, I will be sure to post, too!

I asked our kids to write about something, anything that they would like to put here on our family blog. I told them it could be about whatever they would like to share with you, our readers and followers. Most, if not all, of their writing will be unedited and cut and pasted just as they wrote it.

I got some enthusiastic responses, some eye rolling (to which I said, “don’t look at me with that tone of voice!”) and some excuses for not attempting the effort. It will be interesting to see what topics they choose, who will be first, and who will ditch the assignment.

To the whiners, I told them that one day when we make this blog a book, they will be in it. That kinda got them motivated. Hey, it isn’t everyday that you get published :-)


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