Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 35 - Stayin' Alive, stayin' alive...

...ahh, ha, ha, ha, STAYIN' ALIVE STAYIN" ALIVE!! Feel the city breakin' and ev'rybody shakin', and we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive. C'mon people...sing with me! Whoo-hoo! I've gone the Ukie paddy wagon!

Moments later after Felix awakens from his nightmare...

No wait, I'm still the nightmare...that is Ukrainian adoption! Sorry folks, the futile atempt at the afore-written humor is an effort to let you know that I am indeed, STILL ALIVE! That's what happens when you are constantly exposed to the eighties and nineties music that Ukraine is in love with. I don't mind the music so much and it is a relief to hear English lyrics. However, I caught myself humming along with Elton John's, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road on the martshutka the other day.

We are in the 10 day wait and indications are that we will not catch our plane on Saturday, the 27th of February as originally scheduled. Word is that passports are being issued again, so we will have to get the electronic ones which will take 3-4 days. My facilitator thinks we can have that all wrapped up by Friday next week. The US Embassy in Kiev closes early on the last Friday of every month for training, which is next Friday anyway. If medicals and visa can be done the following Monday & Tuesday, the 1st & 2nd of March, then perhaps I could fly home Wednesday the 3rd.

But it's all up in the air. Sorry for not posting, there isn't much to post about when all you're doing is waiting. Seeing the girls for 2 hours each school night and having them on the weekends is the highpoints of our predicament. The real work starts next week, so do stay tuned.

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