Wednesday, June 30, 2010

2010 UOO Summer Camp

I have been remiss, not mentioning the upcoming 2010 Ukraine Orphan Outreach camp. Not by design, mind you. After all. I have 7 kids living in my house, I just got home this past weekend from my AF Reserve job, and my regular job needed catching up. Whew!

So come on out and join the fun. The daily activities are listed at and the campers arrive tonight! Be part of this special program as we minister to "the least of these".

By the way, Z is doing fine and loving her family and being here. Last weekend, we took family pictures since we had all 7 kids under one roof for awhile. Look for those pictures posted soon. More great news, Jordan will start her Junior year here in Longmont and Jess is moving back home to go to college. She asked to move home to save room and board. So, yes, we will have 8 under one roof, 9 when Z gets adopted in 2011, perhaps 10 if we get a boy this next adoption with Z!

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