Thursday, September 2, 2010

"This was my favorite..."

I asked Lizzie shortly before she left to tell me what, other than being in her family and with Mom & Dad, was her favorite activity this summer. "I loved the camping", she said. "This was my favorite thing to do." Seeing how we may go camping again this Labor Day weekend, I thought it fitting to do a post on camping with Lizzie.

Although the summer days can reach the 90's and 100's in Colorado, it's always cooler in the mountains. Nights dip to the 50's. Rimma brought her pink blanket.

The nearby stream at our hidden secluded campsite is always a kid favorite. Quite chilly with too much cfm's in the early Spring runoff, it turns into a kid's delight by summer.

There are miles of "wade-able" water for the kids to enjoy. It's like having a swimming pool at your campsite!

Tent-mates doing a self shot photo

Can't wait to return next Spring and Summer with her. Perhaps she would like to fly-fish with Dad!
~ Tet-chka Felix ~

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