Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Plane tickets purchased

Hello, Felix here! The blog got hijacked by my honey during the holidays. She sent out Christmas cards with a link to our blog and proceeded to write about each family member. As time permits, she will finish up with her little project. In the meantime, I got the itch to write here it goes, a little story in pictures for your amusement.

So yes, as the title explains, I bought tickets today! Where are we going you might ask? Are we going to our favorite little island in the Bahamas for a nice vacation? Looks nice and inviting, doesn't it!

Are we going sailing on a catamaran in the BVI? Oh, I so want (and need) this escape right now!

Am I going to jump into the sea and snorkel off this patch of reef near Staniel Cay? NOPE! Aww man!

Our faithful followers know where we are going and unless you've been hiding from us, you too know where we are going! We are going WINTER...again...for the third adoption trip...again! Did I mention that it will be in WINTER? AGAIN!

But, I will go anywhere, anytime, to the ends of the earth, to bring our little girl home. She wants it! She awaits it! She has waited three years for it! It is home, and parents!

Are we taking the kids? Just one! Jordan will accompany us and she will get to experience Ukraine, the culture, a few orphanage visits and the adoption process. She is making an above A average in all her classes and her teachers agree that the experience is worth missing school for a little while. Jordan will fly back with Heidi after we have court, which should be two or three weeks after we arrive. I will stay on again for the duration, which I pray will be only two or three weeks more.

Yes, I will stay behind again! But don't worry about me, I'll have old friends to keep me company. It will be good to spend time with my old friend, the dangling, occasionally spinning, paint chip above my head at the Bible House! (last year's story, here) In my boredom and derangement, I will once again attempt to deduce what force is acting on my friend and thereby causing said spin motion. How exactly does it happen when there is no air movement or heat rising from the radiators? Hmmn? Is it the rotation of the Earth?

Of course, when the paint chip and I have finished our discourse, there's always my friend Lenny. Lenny stands strong and is always available for my questions. My favorite question to ask him is how he feels about the American burger restaurant behind him that serves Coca-Cola or the store next to that that sells Levi's! He never answers, rather he continues to scowl. I don't think he likes it much.

Sadly, one friend I will not get to see is Frozen Flat Cat! (inside story, ask me about him sometimes, but only in person. And no, I wasn't responsible for his demise). He could always be counted on as a navigational aid. Ahh...many a time I told the cabby to turn left at the FFC! He could always cheer me up, too! After all, I reasoned that no matter how cold it got or how hard the adoption proceedings were going, it was always better to be on my side of the ice!

If boredom sets in and I am restricted from seeing our Lizzie, I have thought about taking a little tour of Ukraine...or somewhere else in Europe for that matter. After all, I'm already there, right? I've thought of Italy, Germany, or even Greece as great destinations. Ohh, I've always wanted to see Greece! If time is short and I don't mind harming my health, I hear Ukraine has reopened this little slice of heaven to tourists again...Chernobyl! No need for a flashlight at night anymore! Not when I'll glow in the dark for the rest of my life!

I hope I haven't offended anyone, least of all PETA. Hey FFC was there before I got there. Many snow-ings preserved him all winter! I'm just enjoying a moment of levity.
I do like Ukraine! After all, five of my children are from there. I have made many wonderful friends there too! It will be joyous to reconnect with them!
Time is closing and we leave on January 22! Our SDA appointment is the 25th. Please keep praying for the moratorium vote which we have heard, is rescheduled for January 11th.

Stay tuned, a little girl's dream is about to come true after three years of patiently waiting! You won't want to miss a thing!
~ Future Frozen Felix ~

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