Thursday, May 6, 2010

Heidi's adoption savings tip #4...

...enlisting Fred's help. Who's Fred? Fred, aka Fred Ford, aka Fierce Fastbox Freddy. Fred is our 12 passenger family cruiser. We picked up Fred last summer when he was only six months old for less than $15K, mostly 'cause no one wants a Freddy in their lives. Let's face it, Fred's not sporty, he's a V-8 (that scares people) and he's BIG! Fred gets 16.5 mpg on average, but his fill-ups can be in the $70-85 range depending on gas prices. But when you have a crew to move, he gets the job done. Fred likes that he was born beige, not white. That way he doesn't get mistaken for the diaper delivery service :)"

Most weekdays, Fred sits in the garage or on the curb waiting for his turn in the asphalt jungle on weekends. But, Fred LIVES for summers! That's when he gets to go everywhere. Fred even gets to spend three weeks each summer with the UOO camp kids. Being handed over to the camp's use is a special treat for him...just look at his grille smiling! Right now Fred is enjoying a couple of days with the Stoesz family and Grace Place church, somewhere south of here. Fred always likes to brag about where he's been on his GPS, too. No doubt he will show us where he's been these past few days. Which reminds me...

Heidi's adoption savings tip #4....enlist Fred's help! One Fred at 16.5 mpg beats taking our other two vehicles at 20 mpg and 25 mpg, which we have to do now if we all want to go somewhere together.

~ Felix ~

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