Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 10, Court Tomorrow

Yes! We have court tomorrow at 11:40! Everything has gone according to plan...actually, we are ahead of schedule! Praise the Lord! After three hard years of working towards this moment, it is finally happening. It's hard to understand God's timing and plans, but we learned to let go and trust in The Plan.

If all goes well, and it should, Lizzie will forever walk out of the orphanage on Valentines Day, February 14th. She will no longer be an orphan! We will still have to do the mandatory 10 day wait after court, but we are in the home stretch now!

Heidi and Jordan will leave me and Lizzie tomorrow to head for home when we are done with court. Only one parent needs to be present for the finish-up work. Jordan has school, and Heidi is needed at home with the kids. Thank you again to all our friends and family for helping with our children! On her way out, she will go to the US embassy and do her half of the paperwork, which should be Friday. She should fly out Saturday and will arrive the same day.

All for now, we are at Andrei's parents house for dinner and the borscht is ready. I am being called.

I'll see about posting some pictures tonight about our orphanage visit to SB to see the 2008 campers. I'll also post after court tomorrow.

~ Felix ~

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