Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dodging a Bullet

For the past two weeks or so, there was talk on the adoption forum boards about the impending Rada vote in Ukraine. This vote by the governing body of Ukraine was set for June 2nd and would have forever changed adoptions and orphan ministry in that country. If passed, there could have been a moratorium placed on international adoptions.

In other words, this would have meant no more adoptions. The bill would also have limited contact with orphans in orphanages to ONLY governmental officials. International ministry and their teams would have been in jeopardy. Also, everyone was not sure if the SDA would immediately stop all adoptions and send the families that are already there, home. Or would they slowly, over time, cease all international adoption. History has shown us that the SDA quickly and immediately enacted past Rada legislation.

Indications are now that the bill was removed from the agenda or that it was postponed for another time. In either case, international adoption marches forward.

We chose not to write about it prior to the vote, perhaps it was denial. For me though, God provided me a peace and calm that I asked for as I prayed long and hard for this bill's defeat or removal. I can see His hand in this as I asked Him to show me His glory!

Rimma and Zina's dream of being reunited with our family is safe for now. Our friends over there in harm's way right now can proceed with bringing their children home. All of the children who have asked me countless times for a family, who asked not be forgotten, who still have the hope of love taking them in...may still find their dreams realized.

Please don't delay or hesitate if Ukraine adoption is on your mind. Take that walk in the fields of the fatherless. They are waiting.

~ Felix ~

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