Tuesday, July 20, 2010

UOO 2010 Camp Complete

The 2010 UOO campers have made it safely back to their orphanage. They will rest up there for two weeks and then they go to a summer camp in Crimea. A little birdy tells me that we will see a few of them in Colorado again one day. Whoo-hoo!
Several hours later, Yulia our chaperone reported..."On the plane me and Alyona were talking and she wanted to except Jesus, so we prayed. And SHE WAS A REALLY GOOD GIRL during the trip. :) And for me was very nice to talk to her about God and to find out what she is thinking about Him. She asked: so God is daddy to everybody, to you, to Natasha, to Sasha and other, right? :) And when we were going through the bumping zone some people were really scary, and she asked: everything will be fine? I said: yes, God is holding us. She said: is he under the plane holding us, I said: no, He sent His Angels, who are caring this plane, so everything will be Ok. And she started smile and was excited about our jumps. :) I love to see children's faith. Sometimes it looks naive, but I am sure that God wants from us that we will trust His word so sincerely like children do. When I said God is in control she easy believed it and didn't try to check."
~ Felix ~

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