Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 7 - Bad weather, good adoption!

Deep snow at the orphanage

The big news of the day is that Tanya called us about the court date. All of the documents that we could possibly need for court have been accomplished for the Kherson side of things. We spent a total of an hour and a half of document work since being here! Big Nick has done his part, Rimma has done her letter, the Inspector has signed her stuff, and the court application has been filed. All documents have been sent to the SDA in Kiev. Their consent letter is all we are waiting on now.

As for a court date, there are three possible scenarios, but all are good!

  1. If the SDA gets the paperwork here by next Tuesday evening, we will have court on THURSDAY!
  2. If the SDA gets the paperwork here by next Wednesday evening, we will have court on FRIDAY!
  3. If the SDA gets the paperwork here by next Thursday or Friday evening, we will have court on MONDAY!

Nice, huh! This kind of expediency was not seen on our first trip, I can tell ya. But still, try as I may to be a “glass-is-half-full” guy, I’m keep looking over my shoulder and waiting for the big gotcha. Let’s pray that the only gotcha will be “Got-cha Day”!

Rimma's window

Big Nick’s only request of this whole process was that Rimma stay in school and that we limit our visits until after 3:45 each school day, Fridays until 3:00 pm. Big Nick (yes, he is big and his name starts with Nick) gave permission for Rimma to be with us all day Saturday and we didn’t ask about Sunday. Heidi says that Rimma went with her last year after church, so I’m sure he meant for the weekend. We have only seen Big Nick once this trip and that was at the initial meeting where he “joked” with Rimma. So far he has been very amiable and we will not push our luck. We are quite content to visit Rimma for a couple of hours each evening and on weekends. After all, I don’t know how many more games of UNO and Go Fish English lessons I can stand. While at the grocery store today, we bought a 500 piece High School Musical 3 puzzle to spend time with her. Before you ask for my “man-card” Matt, just know that I would do anything to spend time with my little girl!

After a game of Go Fish

Heidi and my ventures out into the sub-arctic like weather have been mostly been in search of sustenance. I’ve been to Kherson three times and each time I want to explore more of the city. But alas, the freezing weather and the constant snow storms have kept us to bus numbers 8 & 12. Number 8 takes us from the Bible House on the road towards the Lenin statue and the Dnieper River where we frequent the grocery store, John Howard’s pectopah, and the cafeteria. Number 8 also goes in the other direction towards the orphanage, CafĂ© Monya, Chelantanos pectopah and the Notary palace. Number 12 gets us to Oskar (Wal-Mart, bowling alley, appliance store, cafeteria all rolled into one) and to the two churches that we attend while in town. I’m sure that it goes elsewhere, but to where, I’m not willing to find out here in Kherson-Siberia.

We have visited again with friends made on our previous visits. Sergey has helped us as translator in the past and we have met up with him a few times. Andrei, the pastor’s son, went to church with us last night and helped us talk with Rimma today at the orphanage. He and his friend Vlad even played Go Fish with us and some of Rimma’s friends. We took Oksana and Helen to dinner last night at Oskar. Oksana will get to attend English school after all in Briton England this next fall. She explained that it was a Christian school and I’m sure AGAPE is helping her achieve her goal. Afterwards, she wants to do mission work in Africa somewhere. Wow, what an impressive girl!

Lenin & Me

Heidi and I and all of Ukraine still wait in anticipation of snow removal. We actually saw a Case backhoe tractor removing snow near the grocery store and Lenin statue. I wonder how Lenin would feel knowing that an American tractor is clearing his street while an American couple, who has purchased an American High School Musical puzzle, take a picture of his bronze likeness. I guess he would be happy for his people (yes, I know he was Russian) and content that he is still remembered. Here’s to you, Leny!

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