Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 21, The Game Plan

This is our last day of the 10 day wait! The sun will be setting very soon on this day and the paperchase begins again tomorrow morning! Tanya will pick up our official court decree as soon as the building is open and we will be getting right to work. She had me take Lizzie for passport photos today and the pictures will be ready tomorrow as well.

Now for the even better news...this is Lizzie's last night in the orphanage! She will get to leave tomorrow with me around 3pm, less than 24 hours from now! At midnight tonight, she is an orphan no more!

We are trying to get the passport in one day, that is the reason for taking the passport photos today. If we are successful, we will be boarding the Tuesday night train for Kiev! That would put us doing the initial Embassy appointment and medicals on Wednesday with the Embassy visa appointment on Thursday. We could be flying home on Friday morning and arriving in Denver Friday evening!

Worst case, a few days added to get the normal passport would put us getting home in the middle of next week. The Embassy is closed on Monday the 21st for a holiday, so we would be doing that work on Tuesday and Wednesday. Even with that development, we will be Ok and experiencing a record adoption trip.

So pray for us and the passport situation. We will know for sure on Tuesday afternoon and I will blog about the time you are waking up on Tuesday morning!

~ Felix ~

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