Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 19, Friday Night Date!

Day 8 of our 10 day wait is in the books. Not that I was worried, no one has come forward for Lizzie in her 8 years at the orphanage, but I can say that we are officially out of the woods now! Our court and any official involved in the adoption has the weekend off, so we will get the decree on Monday morning!

I'm picking Lizzie up at 10am on Saturday and spending the whole day with her. Sunday, I will get her at 9am. Both nights, she has to be back by 6:30pm. I am pressing Tanya to spring her on Monday and I will know for sure on Sunday afternoon.

Meanwhile. Lizzie and I enjoyed a little father-daughter date. We went out to a new restaurant in Kherson called Lenin's. It was great! Best Greek salad in Kherson!

2 more days!

Facebooking with Mom & sisters

She loves the PJs mom got her!
~ Felix ~

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