Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My first "I Love You"

Well, it finally happened, but hasn't happened since. Just the one occurrence despite my continued, "I love you, Nadia" offerings 20 times a day. Kole & Julia have been saying it for weeks, now.

You may remember that Friday or Saturday nights are family movie nights at home. We make a big deal of it, sometimes we have pizza, but almost always we pop some popcorn. I'm gonna have my man-card revoked for telling you this, but this past week's movie was Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Oh boy, I can hear Matt groaning now! He's gonna let me have it! In my defense, the "tweens" wanted to see it and I just wanted that precious cuddling time. Oops, there's that word again! I snoozed during most of it and had to Google how to spell "Chihuahua" if that helps my cause.

Nadia was tucked in close on the sofa and during a "tender" moment when said petite canine was lost and was trying to get home...

N: "Aww, Popi, poor Cloe Chihuahua no gets home!"

F: "It's OK, Nadia. Every Disney movie has a happy ending."

N: "Yeah, you think Cloe get home?!"

F: "Yes, sweetie!"

F: "I love you, Nadia"

N: "I love you, too Popi"

F: "Ahhhhhhhh!"

Ahh, exquisite joy. Thank you Beverly Hills Chihuahua movie people! I waited a few minutes and went into the kitchen where Heidi was visiting with our friend, Aimee. I related the above story. She told me that earlier in the day, Nadia announced to her that Kole and Julia were mama's babies. But, she, was a daddy's girl!

I'm still trying to wipe the permanent smile off my face!

~ Felix ~

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