Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A call for help!

I've been suffering a bit of writer's block as of late, so I've been praying for a message. When I can't get something out of my mind or off my heart, I call it the will of God. Sometimes He blinds me with it, most of the time it's this gentile nagging that won't subside. Here's what I feel He has tasked me with and the three things I need your help with:

Numero Uno & most important...

Our friends, the Hoffmann's are about to embark on their journey to bring home two sweet girls to their forever family. Their appointment is May 18th, THAT'S MAY 18TH...RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!! They got the call early to come for their adoption appointment and will not have time to finish their planned fundraisers to raise all that they will need. They will be about $8000 short. If we do my friend Becky's math, that's just 800 people giving $10 or 80 people giving a hundred! Folks, this is important. This is the future and well-being of two children in harm's way and the willingness of two people to follow God's call to walk in the fields of the fatherless. I don't know how else to say it...please send them whatever you can, TWENTY DOLLARS, FIVE DOLLARS, ONE DOLLAR, ANYTHING! It's not your money, it's God's money! Fore go that weekend movie outing with your family, rent a DVD instead. And for goodness sake put down that double ristretto venti nonfat organic chocolate brownie frrappuccino extra hot foo-foo drink from Starbucks for once and donate the $20 to the Hoffmann fund, OK! Here's a direct excerpt that I cut and pasted directly from their blog, there are two ways to send funds:

You can help two orphans be orphans no more. Any gift will help! Our
appointment is MAY 18, so time is short. The button above is for giving through Paypal. You can also give at any major Wells Fargo bank using the account name "Hoffmann Ukraine Adoption Fund" and the last four digits of the account number, 3692, for verification. (Be certain the teller spells Hoffmann with 2 n's. The entire account name must be spelled exactly right in order to find the account.)


The Ukraine Orphan Outreach camp is scheduled for June 22nd to July 13th! Yep, we finally got 'er nailed down. For those of you in the area, this is an excellent opportunity to do mission work without traveling to the far reaches of the earth. Whether you come out and help or volunteer your resources or just partake in an event, we welcome you with open arms. If any of our friends wants to come in from out of town, we can discuss options, I have a little bit of room, just e-mail me at For a complete list of scheduled events and things that you can volunteer for, visit the UOO website at

Last, but certainly not least...

Please continue the prayers for our dear Zina. There has been no word on her registration and we are hoping that it is still being worked as planned by the officials in Ukraine. The plan is to go get Rimma if Z doesn't get registered by end of Summer. Mom and the kids talked to Rimma this past weekend (she is back from the sanatorium). Zina wasn't present, so they only got to talk with Rimma. They all refer to each other as brother, sisters, Mom and Dad. I'm so happy that all of the kids "get-it" and know that there will be a time when they are united and one family. Rimma asked where I was (I had weekend AF duty) and said that she was disappointed not to speak with me. She said that she missed the sound of my voice...aawwww! That was enough gas in my tank to last all week!


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