Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 4, Evening Orphanage visit

After we finished business for the day, we were able to keep Lizzie out for dinner. We took her back to the orphanage as agreed. After all, Big Nick loves us because we follow the rules!

When we arrived, we were greeted by all the girls in Lizzie's groupa. What do you do with kids who have no parents, but want them desperately? You treat them to unconditional love for the evening and PLAY WITH THEM! Here, Tohmah and I (Vika's little sister) play thumb war.

Heidi gets some lap time with the girls! From left to right is Tohmah, Heidi, Nastya, her sister Ilona and Lizzie! Nastya and Ilona ask me and Heidi everytime, even on Skype, to find them a family. Problem is, they aren't registered and they have an older brother in the orphanage. He doesn't want adoption but has stated that he will sign off for them. Heidi and I are advocating for a family to fight the same fight we did with R & took two and three years! But they cry for a family. Ilona took my arm again tonight and asked. Breaks our hearts...theirs, too!

Heidi and the girls play I Spy. I don't remember who won, but Nika in the center is a "card-shark"!
I start chillaxin' on an orphanage bed after wrestling with little Nastya, Lizzie comes over and it's complete bliss for both of us. Thank you Lord for bringing this little girl into our lives!

Last week, little Nastya turned 10. Her sister Ilona is 12 or 13. Nastya recently won 1st place at a wrestling competition at the orphanage in her age and weight class. I ask her to demonstrate her moves. Watch her take me down!

Like I tell all my friends who want to come on a mission trip to orphanges anywhere in the world. Your life will be changed and you'll never be the same! Come get sweetly broken for the Lord's Least of These!


Day 4, Her day!

We arrived safely in Kherson this morning at 10:30. My buddies, Andrey and Vanya were waiting at the train station, too. They took our abundant luggage (mostly orphanage donations) straight to the Bible House. Thanks Guys! We immediately went to the inspector's office with Tanya, our Kherson facilitator. The inspector was waiting on us. Heidi once again pulled out the picture book...lot's of smiles, no questions, and a "posh-leet" (let's go) rom her.

The taxi driver took Heidi, Jordan and me over to the orphanage while Tanya and the inspector waited for the taxi to return for them. We waited in the lobby of the orphanage, saw and waved to the director, Big Nick, and met his wife and assistant. She led us down the hall. Meanwhile, a little orphan girl that recognized us from previous trips ran for Lizzie. Soon enough, Lizzie appeared and almost knocked me over when she ran to me. Heidi had the camera ready, but the picture turned out blurry. Here's the next picture as she turned to Heidi.

After a brief meeting with the director in his office, he invited Lizzie back in. He was all smiles, very pleasant and said, "I know this family and I know that they follow the rules and are good for children. They have my blessings for the adoption and may proceed forward. I have no questions for them". He then played the same "are you sure you want to go to America" joke with Lizzie that he did last year with Rimma. He was all happy and joking for most of the meeting. We didn't bring it up, but it wasn't us that he was upset with. Obviously, another American family had stirred him up. Good news for us.

Tanya immediately launched into paper-chase mode. She and the inspector started telling Big Nick and the new, inexperienced orphanage lawyer what to do and what forms she needed. We got all that done, signed and notarized...yep, went to the notary palace again! Tanya is getting documents together to send out on the train tonight to the SDA so that we can push for court. Tanya is amazing, she just GET'S IT DONE! Love my "Team Oleg"!
It's almost 4pm here and we were on our way out to the orphanage after signing forms, visiting officials and getting documents notorized. (We took a quick respite at the Bible House and yes, my friend the spining paint chip is still here). But Tanya just called and said that she has Lizzie with her. Wow, again she's out working her tail off, again! She said that they were heading over to the inspector's office. I can only assume that she wants Lizzie to write her letter of adoption tonight so it goes to the SDA with everything else. Afterwards, she's bringing her to the Bible House..guess we are getting to sneak in a day out with her. Of course, it's official business, you know ;-)
We have the same visitation as before, after 4pm on weekdays and we can take her out on the weekends. Tanya is getting documents together to send out on the train tonight to the SDA. Whoo-hoo, we are a big GO!

I'll try to send you an update after tnight's visit with Lizzie. See ya soon!


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