Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 13 - Heidi is going home

We made the decision today that Heidi should go home. There is nothing more for her to do here but wait, and our go-getter facilitator, Tanya, feels that things are very up in the air on the Interpol thing. I will stay in place and work things from here for the time being.

Heidi is taking the overnight train back to Kiev tonight and she will go wrap up her part of the US Embassy work in the morning. She will fly out Saturday morning, bound for Denver to get home to our children. Sunday will be a rest day with the kids and she wants to return to work on Monday.

I just put Heidi in the taxi twenty minutes ago and I really want to go bury my face in my pillow for awhile. But, Oksana is here to take me to church and get me past the initial separation. Ugh, my military deployments aren't this hard, I guess because I'm always the one departing. To say Heidi is my Rock, is an understatement.

Z is still at the sanatorium. You could hear Zina getting choked up when we broke the news to her. She will not get to see her mom this time. Rimma just called and reported that Zina is still crying. This certainly isn't helping my heart, either.

I can't imagine the scene when I take Rimma away for good and Zina stays behind. God, please give me strength.

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