Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wishing for "Old Man Winter"

We are in the final stages of our dossier and we will send it to our facilitator next week! We are only waiting on the 171h. The USCIS e-mailed us that our case was approved and that the "golden ticket" is on it's way! I'll run down to Denver at the beginning of the week to get everything apostilled and then, we will overnight it to Ukraine...Whoo-hoo!

Lizzie knows it's getting close too. I got the following Facebook message from our sweetie today...

hi Tet'ka!!!
how are you????
I'm fine!!!soon I 'll have holidays!!!
i miss you!!!
i'm waiting for winter!!!!cause in winter you'll come!!!
i love you!!!!
Lizzie could speak a little English before she came here for 10 weeks this past summer. However, in past years she would inevitably ask for a translator after we spoke on the phone for only a minute or two. Nowadays, she carries on for long lengths of time when we call. Sometimes we have to tell her that we have to go and that we will speak again soon. Boy did that 10 weeks with us do wonders for her English skills! (Note the I'm, I'll and 'cause word use).
Yep, we both can't wait 'till Old Man Winter arrives this year!

~ Tet'ka Felix ~

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