Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Watched Over

photo by Karen Springs

Above is a picture of our dear friend and missionary, Karen Springs. In addition to all the work she does for CBN, volunteer work putting on plays with older orphan girls and summer camp involvement, she finds time to visit the children that she has met over the years in these various activities. Pictured with her are our Rimma and Zina for whom we are working out some registration issues. If you have kept up with this blog, you know the story.

Karen sees the girls from time to time and reports back to us on their conditions and state of mind. She watches over them for us, and for a worried Papa, this is welcomed attention. We have a network of friends in the city of Kherson that can also help us out in a moment's notice should R and Z have an immediate need. Friends, Oksana, Sergey, Anatoly and his son Andrei, Sasha & Vera, and the folks at the House of Bible are there, to name a few. But it is Karen, with our ability to talk and e-mail with each other, not have things "lost in translation" and clearly understanding of our intentions that is the true blessing. Thank you, Karen, for all you do!

In a recent e-mail Karen told us of Rimma's excitement to join our family. For those of you that have never met Rimma, she doesn't like to show emotion or get "mushy". But every now and then she relaxes her guard and shows you her feelings. Both are eagerly awaiting Zina's registration and looking forward to 2010. Karen wrote (reprinted with permission):

"Hi Heidi and Felix, here are some pictures from my time with the girls in Kherson this past weekend. I got to see them on Saturday and Sunday, which was really fun. Both seemed in good spirits and as always-- growing up!! Rimma said some really sweet things about being excited to come with you and both girls are anxiously waiting for 2010!! Both of their maturity and understanding of the situation continues to amaze me-- they are two special girls... "

Heidi talked to Rimma & Zina this past weekend. She said that Rimma was especially jubilant and animated. Both girls are excited to be coming to us for the three weeks in August. How they found out is a mystery. If you want to keep a secret, don't tell the Kherson orphanage. At first Rimma was bummed about not coming for the whole summer, but she quickly realized that she could attend some of her singing "engagements" and even a portion of the orphanage summer camp. So she perked up and was thankful for the time she will be home. Rimma shared that her biggest worry about the summer hosting and adoption for that matter is her lack of English skills. This isn't the first time that she has expressed this concern. Rimma is bashful and shy and she is easily embarrassed when she attempts her English. Heidi assured her that she will be fine and that our three kids are learning English and will help her. She made her mom promise to meet her half-way by learning some more Russian. Rimma said, "Mom, you learn some more Russian and I'll learn some more English"! She also reported that she made has all A's (or their equivilent) in school. Rimma asked a few questions about her new brother and sisters and said to say hello before she and mom ended the call. It is great that all of our children already know what's in store for them and that adding to the family is a sure thing.

Oh, and Zina said to me last week, "Papa, I still want Colorado!" I assured her that we will always want her too! Ugh, sweet girl!

~ Felix ~

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