Thursday, June 24, 2010


I came home today and I got to see my Z! We stayed like this pretty much the whole evening. Every chance she got, she told me how much she loves and wants this family, or "my family" as she most often said. It is amazing the longing deep inside her and the desire for that which most of us take for granted. Z only ever wanted a family, and now she has one! I can't wait for that wonderful day when she is home for good.
Thanks to everyone who looked after my family in my absence and helped Heidi. I'm sorry that I can never give you a heads-up or speak of my departures during my "business trips". Suffice it to say, the picture tells the story. At least I got to come home after 10 days. My prayers go out to my brethren in harm's way and to them and their families who endure quite more than I had to.
~ Felix ~

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