Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No More Days!

3 AM here in Ukraine, 6pm back at home. We are leaving for the airport now. In 2 hours and 50 minutes we will be wheels up and a dream that started two years and three months ago has been realized for one special girl that wanted a family.

I still hear the words from their chaperone back in December 2007 echoing in my mind..."These girls are not registered, just choose some other girls!"

Other harsh words came from the American person we hired to put together our first adoption dossier (we didn't use her again and we subsequetly accomplished our own dossier this time)..."Don't do it, you'll only be hurt, you'll spend tons of money, it won't happen and you'll get your hearts broken!"

GLAD WE DIDN'T LISTEN! (yes, that's me yelling!)

Lizzie, you're next!

~ Felix ~

Day 46 - Have Visa...Will Travel

The picture says it all...see you in America. We fly out at 5:40 am, tomorrow morning!

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