Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Rogé Village

Our kids had the day off from school due to placement issues. They start full-time again tomorrow, Wednesday, January 7th. Lilya babysat for us because Heidi nor myself could slide our work commitments. The kids love to speak Ukrainian with her and this will allow us to keep our goal of helping the kids retain their native language. Lilya is wonderful and we are praying that she and Todd continue to have a happy and successful start in their marriage. Lilya is looking for work and Todd is a new pastor looking for a church home. If anyone in the Northern Colorado foothills is looking for a pastor, let him know!

Since the kids had a lot of time on their hands, we came home to this creation. It's named (by them in their handwriting) Rogé Village. It comes with adequate parking and a garden. They collected rocks, pine cones, pieces of a pine tree and berries from outside to make it. The main street is Louis St (my middle name). How cool! I'm not sure why there is a baby in a bassinet next to Mama & Papa? Hmmnn, are they suggesting something?

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