Saturday, October 9, 2010

Starting Over by Nadia Rogé

When I came home on Christmas Eve 2008 I was very happy but at the same time I was scared because not knowing any English and this family well. About 2 weeks later I went to Heritage Middle School to learn English. Heritage had this New Comer program that I went to learn English. About a month or two latter I started to speak English and understand it well that I could communicate with people and family but it was very different that I thought it would be. Now I am going to a different school by our house and not in a New Comers program any more. Not being in New Comers program seems to be very hard and different but I know that I have to go there to have a new experience and a good education to have a good life.

Now I love this family for everything that they give me and everything they do for our family I really mean it. I hope to be a better person in my life and mom and dad help me with it every time I do something wrong or say something wrong. I know that they will try to do everything they can to make me a better person. I love my family for things they do for me and for everyone else.

Nadia (age 14)
Arrived home December 24, 2008

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