Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Day 1 UOO Dec '07 Hosting Trip - They're here!!

Day One

The kids arrived late in the evening from Virginia. Most look tired, scared and bewildered. They have had a long travel day and we just want to get them home and in bed. They landed at 8 pm and it took until 9:30 to get the baggage and kids into the correct vehicles. Each host family has two volunteer vehicles and drivers. With the drive to Northern Colorado and the settling in, I am sure it will be midnight before we are sleeping soundly. To the kids that will be 2am, East Coast time. Tomorrow's activities may have to be pushed back.

Two of the girls that we are hosting catch my eye. Rimma, age 11, is tired but excited to be here. She moves in and amongst the other children, all the while exploring and checking out her new surroundings.

Zina, age 12, is the other. She seems resigned and is sitting in a corner near the baggage carousel. I hope that she is only tired and not the recluse she seems to put on.

Both girls are staying with us in our home and we will see much of them over the next week. However, I can't help but to watch these two all night as we await baggage and a lost caretaker.

Zina catches me staring.

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