Monday, December 10, 2007

Day 6 UOO Dec '07 Hosting Trip -

Day Six

On Monday we enjoyed some down time at each host’s home. These kids love being in a home where they are part of the family! After a lunch, provided by Crestview Church in Boulder, we all swam for hours at the Longmont Recreation Center.

We learned today that Rimma and Zina are not even registered at the SDA in Ukraine. They have been in the orphanage system their whole lives and the bio-parents rights have never been relinquished. Needless to say, we are distraught. We must fight for all these children that came here (there are quite a few more not registered) and help get them registered so that loving families may see their pictures at the SDA. If not us, then who? If not now, then when?

With the UOO's blessing and after talking with Marianna (caretaker), we call Rimma and Zina into our room. We ask them if they are interested in being adopted by us and joining our family. They look at each other in excited disbelief and after a few seconds, they squeel "Yes, yes!!" We explain to them that they are not registered and it may be a couple of years before this all happens. Zina says that her whole life she never had hope and was in dispair. She said time dragged on, but now time will pass quick because she has hope and love from a family. She asks to pray for us and we do in utter amazement. Rimma also says a prayer. Lilya translates for us.

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