Thursday, January 17, 2008

Our Last Vacation before Adoption

Sailing aboard the Moorings 45' Catamaran

We will be gone on vacation for the next 10 days. We will return Monday, January 28th.

For now, we have done everything possible for our dossier that is within our power. Heidi got to work on our missing "Jr." on the marriage certificate. We think we have it ironed out. We hope to have an apostilled document from Heidi's sister, Sally, when we get back home. Sally was a witness on our marriage certificate and can attest that Heidi married Felix Jr.

We booked a sailing vacation back in the early Fall of 2007 for this January. Felix wishes we could get our money back and go to Ukraine to see Zina. Any future overseas travel for the next two years will be to Ukraine. We will adopt other children this year, visit Zina too, and hopefully adopt Zina on a return adoption trip in 2009. So, we will go on our last vacation alone and have a good time. We will post when we get back.


adoptedthree said...

I am jealous! Looks like a lot of fun!! Yes enjoy your vacation!

Before we adopted we too went to exotic ports of call and loved it!

Now with the children it is water parks and children's museums and I wouldn't trade it for a thing!!

Lisa Rochard said...

Hi. Iam so excited for the two of you.My name is Lisa Rochard I am writing you from Virginia. I was a host home for Inna and Katya. I fell in love at first sight and my husband and I are starting the process to adopt Katya and try to get Inna here on a visa we are just moving forward with God leading there are alot of underlying that only God can make change to make all this happen for us I just wanted to touch base with you and tell you that Zina directly touched my heart while she was in Va. I was praying someone would adopt her or else when I went over for my girls I would soon be making another trip for her. I never even spoke to her. I just felt the presence of god come over me for her to pray for a good home for her. God answers pray in his timing She is a beautiful,beautiful girl. It just touched my heart to see you feel in love with her. I feel like the moment I met my girls that God had just completed my family. I will be keeping up with your Blog and hopefully I will begin one soon. You will be in my prays. Good Luke and God Bless. Lisa

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